About Boys' Brigade Australia

The Boys’ Brigade Australia is a unique organisation! It is a non-denominational Christian uniformed organisation for Boys and young men.

The Boys’ Brigade Motto

Sure and Stedfast (from Hebrews 6 V19)

The Object of the Boys’ Brigade

The Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom, among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness.

The Purpose of the Boys’ Brigade Australia

The purpose of the Boys’ Brigade in Australia is to provide, in cooperation with the local church, a supportive Christian community for boys and young men to assist in their Christian growth, balanced personal development, and leadership training, and to assist the church reaching out into the community.

Providing programs

Boys’ Brigade has been providing positive development programs across the globe for 130 years. BB’s strength is that it provides programs for children and youth with a focus on training and developing young people through a wide range of Fun, Adventurous and Challenging activities.

Local ministry

The heart of BB is the work that happens weekly at the local Company with adult leaders mentoring boys from ages 5 to 18 years, teaching them life skills, giving their lives structure and relevance, building their resilience and providing experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Denominations represented

Boys’ Brigade companies are currently operating across Australia in the Presbyterian, Baptist, and Lutheran churches with others in Churches of Christ, and the Uniting Church.


While the structure has survived the test of time, its flexible methodology allows local company groups to adapt BB principles to suit the local circumstances in the community, and the resources, ethos and mission direction of the local parent church.

Major outreach opportunity

At its best BB is an integral part of the Children’s and Youth ministry of the local church. Many churches recognise that the Boys’ Brigade program provides a major opportunity for outreach to boys in the community enabling the church to support not only the boys but also their families.

Many churches also have a Girls’ Brigade company that complements the local BB program for girls providing a ministry to whole families in the church and the community.

Holistic program

BB has a balanced structured program that focuses on the Spiritual, Educational, Physical and Social aspects of members’ lives. Inspired by the words of Luke Chapter 2 verse 52, BB has proven that with developed skills and experiences across many diverse areas, they will enjoy life, succeed in their endeavours and have a more fulfilled life as an adult.


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