Fast Facts

Did you Know that……

Some fast facts compiled on contemporary community and church life in Australia today

Fact - Much of contemporary youth ministry emphasis is about getting young people to make a profession of faith and to fit into ‘church-culture’. Recent research shows that 80% of young people who make a profession of faith in their teens, give it up after high school (suggesting only shallow foundations).

Boys' Brigade is about establishing long-term firm foundations (Matt 7:25) for life starting from teh young age of 5 years. That is, we have up to 14 years to anchor their faith firmly as they grow towards adulthood across that time. BB provides a consistent structured approach to developing them over the long term - no other ministry consistently spans both children and youth with such positive outcomes.

Fact - From birth to 7 years of age a child’s ‘moral compass’ is being set.

BB commences its program with 5 year olds providing a great opportunity to help parents in setting the right direction for their moral compass as an early age.

Fact - One in four Australians aged 5 to 7 years aren’t getting enough physical exercise.

BB focuses on an energetic program designed to provide a wide range of physical experiences, adventures and challenges.

Fact - Boys today are suffocating in ‘cotton wool’ – not being allowed to be boys and explore their sense of adventure.

The Brigade program includes events and activities aimed at challenging boys in a safe environment and stretching them beyond their comfort zone.

Fact - 14% of Australian boys don’t have a father living at home and are missing the male influence in their lives.

Leaders in Brigade have a major positive influence on boys’ lives laying a good foundation for their masculinity and breaking the cycle of absent fathering.

Fact - The biggest loss of boys from our churches happens between 12 and 14 years.

Brigade creates a sense of belonging to a group of other boys with whom they share unique experiences bridging the area of loss from churches.

Fact - 40% of children 15 years and over, from church going families, do not attend any church.

Many churches find Brigade is one of their major outreach opportunities particularly for holding boys of church families through this critical transitional period in their lives.