Groups in BB

Anchor Section

- Previously Anchor Boys
( 5 to 8 years of age)
Come and join in the fun! This is the start of fun and friendships, the start of learning to play together and indeed for many, the start of their time in The Boys' Brigade.

The programme in the Anchor Section offers them so much. A time packed with games and songs, crafts and stories expressly designed for their age.

But there is more than they realise. They will find more because Anchor Boys offer many the first chance to work together, to co-operate in a joint activity, to work (or play) as a team.

Have fun and begin to learn some important life skills. 


Junior Section

- Previously No.1 Section
( 8 to 12 years of age)
The eight year old is an established individual, looking to try new adventures and activities. He is usually one of a group of friends, although many still like to explore some interests on their own.

The Junior Section offers a lot of support and encourage this. This programme is a full and varied one, typically lasting one and a half hours with a few if any individual activities lasting more than ten minutes.

There is certainly plenty of variety and little chance of becoming bored! Lots of Physical activities, music, crafts, games and competitions usually undertaken in groups rather than on an individual level to avoid exposing any lack of skill in an individual.

The young boy has a world to discover, and early concentration on one small aspect can mean that much is missed in life. This is the time for a balanced all round programme - which includes spiritual and social input, as well as physical and adventure activities.

Generally our staffing ratio is about one adult to every six boys - so there is opportunity for someone to chat and develop ideas with the quieter lad. 


Senior Section

- Previously No.2 Section
( 12 to 18 years of age)
Boys in their early teens are usually looking to define themselves as individuals - and this in a world that often tries to force them into a mould. For many this is a key age where habits and life styles are formed; these can be ones that are socially acceptable or those that can lead to major problems in later life.

Early teen years are difficult. How can you be an individual with your own interests, likes and personality while keeping up in today's ever changing fashions and retaining an identity with the group? It is a conflict which often leads to the confusions associated with adolescence.

The Senior Section allows individuals to take part in the activities and the decisions. A chance to make ones own point, a chance also to remain one of a group. A chance to build friendships, a chance to make mistakes that will not be thrown back at them, where skilled staff support can present challenges fitted to the individual. Successfully achieving one challenge is great practice for the next.

Brigade awards provide incentive and ensure progression at a rate suitable to age and growing physical strength; there are leadership opportunities to release abundant energies in purposeful ways.