The fun and games really gets you going in Juniors.

How old do I have to be?

You can join your local Boys' Brigade Juniors group when you get to be in year 3 at school (turning 8 years old).  Juniors section goes through to year 6. After that you can graduate to the ‘Seniors’ group to keep going in Brigade.

What do Juniors love about their group?

Juniors love to ...

  • play great games
  • learn lots of new skills
  • earn badges to wear
  • do lots of cool stuff with their leaders

How often?

Junior sections usually meet on a week night a in church or school hall in your area and also get to go on day outings, camps and competitions with other groups. The nightly program is usually around 1½ hours.

What do Juniors get up to?

Everyone wears a uniform so you belong to the group and for others to know that you are in Boys’ Brigade Juniors.

You might get to:

  • build a soap box (ask a parent if you don’t know what this is)
  • have an overnight campout
  • learn how to play a new sport
  • get into competitions by yourself and as a team
  • do lots of things you never thought you could

You can also get into earning some of the badges on offer through completing certain activities.  The activities are grouped together into 5 zones -

  • Body - fit for fun
  • Mind - think and do
  • Spirit - God and me
  • Community - me and my world
  • Creativity - make and do

Juniors have heaps of fun with lots to challenge you and make great friends along the way.

How do I join? 

Why not get Mum or Dad to contact the Boys’ Brigade office in your state or talk with the leaders in your local area about joining BB Juniors group.

What boys say about Juniors?

I just love the games and making things

I can't wait to get my uniform on and meet my friends

I like everything about Boys' Brigade - especially the games


Juniors are the best!!


The Boys’ Brigade – the adventure Begins Here


Girls Brigade - By the way there is a Girls’ Brigade for your sister to join as well – get your Mum to look it up – she will also have lots of fun with other girls