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“Boys Brigade is an effective tool in growing Boys into confident young Christian Leaders”

 The Boys' Brigade is...

Single Sex Ministry

Much contemporary educational and psychological research highlight the many benefits to the development of school-aged males when provided with single-sex environments and focus.

Family Focussed Ministry:

In order to minister best to Boys, we also need to involve and support their parents and families. In addition to BB events and activities that actively involve families, BB leaders place high importance on regular communication with parents.

Community Focussed Ministry:

The holistic approach to the BB program has broad appeal and is open to people from all backgrounds, irrespective of religion, nationality, etc, while still maintaining our distinctive Christian foundation.

We develop a Boy...


Including Body (physically), Mind (mentally), Spirit (Christian discipleship), Creativity (imagination), and Community (socially). This is achieved through a balanced weekly program.

Life Skills:

Including age-relevant skills such as teaching Boys how to cook, build billy carts, set up a tent, hygiene, manners, values and morals.


By providing Boys with opportunities to lead others, starting at the age of 5 up to 18. Boys have opportunities to attend structured leadership courses from 14 years old.

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Boys’ Brigade offers a Boy...

Positive Male Role Models:

In these days of varied family situations, BB leaders often provide stable father- or uncle-figures for boys, whose fathers are often or totally absent, to transition well into manhood.

Progressive programming:

Helps Boys move between times of big transitions (like primary school to high school) with consistency of values and personnel, reducing the shock of needing to develop friends again or adapt to a totally new environment.

Recognition of Achievements:

Through our award scheme, Boys are recognised for their development and growth with badges and other rewards.


By teaching Boys about Jesus and the dream He has for a better world and providing practical application through their time with us.

Wider network of friends:

When Boys meet other Boys from other BB groups from their state or around Australia, they are able to form strong bonds and feel apart of a bigger picture.

Boys’ Brigade benefits the Church by...

Bridging the gap between the Church and the Community:

BB groups are quickly recognised as a support network for the local community (through our emphasis on community service) as well as providing a safe environment and positive activities for boys.

Growth of the Church

BB groups are highly effective at reaching sectors of the Australian community that are rarely readily attracted to mainstream church culture. As a stepping stone ministry, BB provides a non-threatening way of Boys and parents to transition more into the ways of Jesus and church life

Developing the next generation of leaders:

Long-term ministry provides long-term results and BB has an outstanding track record of developing Christian leaders with a clear understanding and strong foundation of their faith.