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The Boys’ Brigade – Transforming lives, Mentoring a lost generation

Welcome to the BB Leaders home page

From this page you will (eventually) be able to find all the support and resources you need to enhance your leadership within your local company Officer team.

Website Migration Status

Old site: http://boys2.brigadeaustralia.org
New site (this site): http://boys.brigadeaustralia.org

The initial focus on content migration has been public information and contact details for National and State level, to be followed closely by public information and contact details for individual Brigade groups.  A number of individual companies and battalions are now on the new site and many states have fully migrated.  Leader resources have not yet been migrated to this new site, though some leader-only content is now available on the new site.. 

Direct registration for this new site is currently closed.  Registration is being managed using the old site.  If you have registered with the old site, you will not need to re-register with the new site.  Most leaders should be able to login to the new site using their the old site login details, and there is now some benefit in doing so.

Most of the program and training resources are secured by password and you will need to register yourself to gain access to this information.

BB is constantly looking to expand and upgrade our BB program resources to be relevant for the current generation of BBers and we encourage you to share your best program ideas, games, devotions and other resources with your colleagues in ministry through the site. Contact your State/Territory administration to arrange posting of your material.

National news blogs and articles will also be available to inform you of the latest happenings and information in the Brigade world and relevant to your work as a leader.

BB is also interested in your input and feedback on existing and possible new resources that could be provided.

On behalf of Gen Z, thank you for your commitment and for investing your time, your talents and your energy in leadership to mentor and disciple a generation largely lost to the Kingdom and the Christian community.

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