Online Shop


A new BBA Shop Website is now available at

BBA is pleased to announce that a new BBA Shop Website is now available. The new shop replaces the previous one that has served us for a long period of time. All users should be aware that previous logins have not been transitioned to the new site as it has changed web platforms.

As part of the new site, a number of improvements have been made:

  • pictures of the items have been included to assist with identifying the items when ordering;
  • the site should automatically calculate the postage that will be applicable;
  • payments are available using credit card or PayPal and accounts continue to be available for approved companies/states/territories;
  • there are 3 levels of access to the site:
    1. All can purchase Boys Uniform.
    2. Leaders can purchase Boys Uniform, Leaders Uniform, Resources and Gifts.
    3. Captains can purchase any item from the shop.

Complete the form on the new shop to request increased access.

Please raise any feedback/concerns with Andrew Scott () and the BBA Shop Oversight – Andrew Bailey ().

Thankyou to Andrew B and the project team that has worked to design and implement the new site.

2021 Christmas Closure

Please be advised the final date for orders to be submitted for processing in 2021 will be 4th December 2021. The shop will then be closed with operations resuming late January 2021.