13th Brisbane Company

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2008 13th brisbane company photo 002 webWelcome to 13th Brisbane Company

We meet at Keperra Baptist Church, 980 Samford Rd, Keperra.

We are part of No.1 Brisbane Battalion and a company of The Boys' Brigade Queensland.

          Anchors (Ages 5 to 7) - Monday 5:30pm-7:00pm
          Juniors (Ages 8 to 12) - Monday 6:30pm-8:00pm
          Seniors (Ages 12 to 18) - Monday 6:30pm-9:00pmgetstarted badge

Click here for a map of where we are.

For more information please email our Captain, Mr Anthony Campling.

19th Brisbane Girls Brigade also meet at Keperra Baptist Church.

Looking for our old content? Boys Brigade Australia are currently migrating content from our old website to this new website.  Some content for 13th Brisbane can still be found at the old site http://boys2.brigadeaustralia.org/13thbrisbane.

Section Contacts

Mr Anthony Campling
3 Yootha Ave
Arana Hills 4054
3351 7089 (Home)
0419 013 673 (Mobile)
Mr Peter Wiseman
34 Conavalla St
Ferny Grove 4055
3851 3357 (Home)
3218 8514 (Work)
0407 371 048 (Mobile)
Mr Anthony Campling
3 Yootha Ave
Arana Hills 4054
3351 7089 (Home)
0419 013 673 (Mobile)


2020 Fees

  • $150 per year (able to be paid as $40/term)
  • $10 discount if paid in full before the end of March
  • $130 per year for second and subsequent boys (able to be paid as $35/term)

Uniform Prices (indicative)*

  • Anchors: Approx $35 (Shirt, Cap, Socks)
  • Juniors: Approx $70 (Shirt, Cap, Socks, Tie)
  • Seniors: Approx $100 (Shirt, Cap, Socks, Tie, Belt, Shoulder Belt)

Prices are for new uniform items. Some secondhand items available from time to time.
* New boys are given six weeks before being encouraged to purchase a uniform.

For more detailed uniform prices please refer to our Uniform Order Forms page.


Uniform Order Forms

Uniform Order Forms

Anchors Uniform Order Form

Juniors Uniform Order Form

Seniors Uniform Order Form

Officers Uniform Order Form

*Please bring along to Boys Brigade (preferreably with payment) and we will order them from the BBQLD shop.




2017 Company Directory

2017 Enrollment Form