South Moreton Battalion

South Moreton Battalion LogoBounded on the north by the Brisbane River, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Queensland/New South Wales border and on the west by Centenary Highway we are The Boys' Brigade in South Moreton.  We provide competition and fellowship opportunities, support in development and training, and resources for the more than 250 Boys and 70 Officers of the BB Companies in this region.

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Where and when we meet...

1st Beenleigh Beenleigh         Anchors: 7pm
Juniors: 7pm
Seniors: 7pm
3rd Brisbane Greenslopes   Anchors: 6:15pm
Juniors: 6:15pm
Seniors: 6:15pm
5th Brisbane Brisbane CBD        

Anchors: 6.30pm

16th Brisbane Sunnybank Anchors: 7pm
Juniors: 7pm
Seniors: 7pm 
18th Brisbane Wynnum    Anchors: 6:45pm
Juniors: 6:45pm
Seniors: 6:45pm
45th Brisbane Tarragindi         Anchors: 6:45pm
Juniors: 6:45pm
Seniors 7:00pm
4th Logan Eight Mile Plains Juniors: 6:45pm
Seniors: 6:45pm

Events & Competitions

International Junior Team Games - A great way to compete against Juniors from across the world, without leaving home.  Nearly 200 Junior Sections entered the competition in 2017.  Entries close on 21st April 2018.  2018 Games.

Saturday 17th February - Kickstart 2018 - Leaders' breakfast; BB Qld AGM; Captains' conference; ILT Fasttrack; Safe Environments training; Queen's Badge Info Sessions; plus more.  Wynnum Baptist Church.  Bring your whole leader team.

Saturday 10th March - Swimming carnival at Silkstone Primary School Pool, Molloy St, Silkstone.  Anchors & Juniors 12:30pm to 3:30pm; Seniors 4:00pm to 7:00pm.  Combined with Cunningham Battalion.

Wednesday 21st March - Council meeting, for all Officers.  Creative Interests projects announced.

14th to 18th May - BB Knowledge Badge interviews.

11th to 15th June - BB Knowledge Badge interviews (2nd round).

Wednesday 20th June - Council meeting, for all Officers.

Saturday 23rd June - Soapbox Derby.  Open to Anchors, Juniors & Seniors.  Percy St, Tarragindi.  Details to be advised. 

Wednesday 8th August - Bible Quizzes for Anchors, Juniors and Seniors.  Gospel of Luke (Seniors - whole Gospel; Juniors and Anchors specific topics within Luke, e.g., parables, yet to be announced.  Wynnum Baptist Church.

Wednesday 29th August - Council meeting, for all Officers.  Closing date for Creative Interests entries.  

Saturday 8th September - Seniors Squad Drill and Juniors Figure Marching competitions.  Pit your squad and team against the best from across the State, with Battalion placings based on how you go. Venue Morayfield State High School.

Saturday 15th September - South Passage sailing day (Seniors and older Juniors) and activity afternoon (younger Juniors and Anchors), finishing with a Btn bbq on Manly Foreshore.

Sunday 28th October - Founder's Day celebration.  Honour the Founder; praise God; acknowledge our Queen's Men; announce results and present South Moreton Battalion Shield, Creative Interests pennants, and Figure Marching and Drill pennants.  BBQ starts at 12:30pm.  Parade and Service from 2:15pm.  Venue tba.

5th to 9th November - BB Knowledge Badge interviews (3rd round - if needed).

Wednesday 28th November 2018 - Annual General meeting, for all Officers.


click here for a pdf version of the Battalion Calendar for 2018

 Competition Rules & Events Guide as at March 2015 


2018 Competition Results

Swimming - Juniors - 3rd Gold Coast; Alphas - 3rd Gold Coast; Omegas - 3rd Gold Coast

Soapbox - Anchors - 18th Brisbane; Juniors - 4th Logan; Alphas - 4th Logan; Omegas - 1st Beenleigh

International Junior Team Games - Juniors - 18th Brisbane

Figure Marching - Juniors - 1st Beenleigh (State Champions)

Squad Drill - Seniors - 16th Brisbane (State Champions)

Bible Quiz - Anchors - 45th Brisbane; Juniors - 18th Brisbane; Alphas - 16th Brisbane; Omegas - 16th Brisbane.

Creative Interests - Anchors - 18th Brisbane; Juniors - 1st Beaudesert.


South Moreton Shield

The South Moreton Shield recognises Company involvement in the life of the Battalion. The competition runs from Founder's Day (October each year) to just before the following Founder's Day, with the presentation of a perpetual shield and first place-getting pennant being made at the Founder's Day celebration.

Congratulations to 18th Brisbane Company on their 2018 Battalion Shield victory.  A superb effort, scoring a new record high 68.0 points.

Well done to all Companies for their 2018 efforts.  Four Companies increased their score over that achieved in 2017. To view a detailed breakdown of each Company's points (as visualised with Tableau), follow this link.

Final points for 2018-

1st Beaudesert - 42

1st Beenleigh - 46

3rd Brisbane - 34.5

5th Brisbane - 0

16th Brisbane - 34.5

18th Brisbane - 68

45th Brisbane - 59.5

3rd Gold Coast - 28

4th Logan - 50.5



Position Name Company
President Andrew Bellas 18th Brisbane
Vice-President Sam Griffiths 4th Logan
Secretary Kenneth Evans 1st Beaudesert
Treasurer Rod Hurman 45th Brisbane
Operations Nathan Kenny 4th Logan
Development . .

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Some of the following documents are essential for Boys attempting Seniors Awards.  Others may just generate ideas for projects within your Company:

BB Knowledge Badge

BB Knowledge Candidate's Handbook

BB Knowledge Candidate Resources

Service to the Community Award

Service to the Community Lvl 1 Workbook

Service to the Community Lvl 2 Workbook

Service to the Community Lvl 3 Candidate Handbook

Service to the Community Lvl 3 Workbook

Service to the Community Lvl 3 Application


South Moreton may be the name given to the BB Companies on the south of the Brisbane River since 2010, but that is not the start of the story of this rich BB region.  Records exist of the original 1st Brisbane Company operating at Thompson Estate / Annerley Presbyterian Church from 1898 and 2nd Brisbane Coy at Tarragindi Congregational / Fairfield Baptist Sunday School from just a couple of years later.  They had both disbanded by 1911, probably as a result of the compulsory Federal Government-operated cadet scheme which drastically affected all work with boys. 

Two Companies claimed the title of 2nd Brisbane in 1949: Greenslopes Baptist and the northside’s Taringa Baptist.  However, as they had earlier attempted to commence during the 2nd World War, Taringa won the right to the title and Greenslopes became the 3rd Brisbane Company.  Greenslopes’ sister Girls’ Life Brigade Company (GLB became GB in 1965) was formed the same year, with the title of 2nd Brisbane Company; and is the oldest existing GB Company in Queensland.

3rd Brisbane was joined by several other Companies on Brisbane’s south side within the next ten years; even though the northside grew faster due to the earlier urban sprawl on that side of town:

  • 3rd Brisbane                   Greenslopes Baptist                 
  • 7th Brisbane                   Coorparoo Baptist                     
  • 11th Brisbane                 Belmont Baptist                
  • 12th Brisbane                 Fairfield Baptist (now Fairfield Christian Family)                    
  • 18th Brisbane                 Bulimba Baptist (now Wynnum Baptist)
  • 22nd Brisbane                Hawthorne Presbyterian         
  • 23rd Brisbane                 Annerley Baptist                  
  • 24th Brisbane                 South Brisbane Baptist    
  • 25th Brisbane                 Graceville Methodist              

Some of the Boys and Officers were among the contingent of 170 that paraded on 9th March 1954 to welcome the new Queen, Her Majesty Elizabeth II, during the Brisbane leg of her first Australian tour. 

Inter-Company events developed, including wayfaring, camps, swimming, field sports, fireman’s classes and Scripture examinations.  Companies which did not participate in Founder’s Day Parade were not permitted to enter the various competitions.

No doubt with enthusiasm fanned through the 1959 centenary celebrations of separation from New South Wales, the Queensland Council was formed in 1960.  State of Origin fervour is nothing new!  All the Queensland Companies came together for a massed display at the now defunct Festival Hall in Brisbane that year, in the presence of the then Queensland Minister for Health and Home Affairs. 

Then came what can only be described as incredible growth in Queensland over the next five years – from twenty-four (Boys’ Brigade) Companies and eighteen (Life Boys) Teams with six hundred and eighteen Officers and Boys in 1959 to forty-six Companies and thirty-seven Teams comprising one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three Officers and Boys by 1964.  Many Boys from south side Companies travelled to Narrabeen, Sydney for the first Pan Australian Camp in 1962-63.

Such was the development that the Brisbane Battalion (just formed in 1956) was divided into three in 1964: Numbers 1 and 3 Brisbane Battalions on Brisbane’s north side and No. 2 Brisbane Battalion absorbing all those Companies south of the Brisbane River.  The new No. 2 Brisbane Btn became the unofficial “host” district for the second Pan Australian Camp over the summer of 1965-66, at Southport Showground on the Gold Coast; with over nine hundred BB members from Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand in attendance.  Camp activities – before the advent of the Gold Coast’s “big Worlds” – included excursions to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Stradbroke Island and Brisbane.

The next major change in BB came at the beginning of the 1967 session, when both The Boys’ Brigade and The Life Boys came under one umbrella – The Boys’ Brigade – with the younger Section becoming known as No. 1 Section and the older, No. 2 Section.  A short-lived No. 3 Section was also started for Boys aged sixteen to nineteen.  Of course, these have since morphed, in 2008, into Juniors and Seniors.  A Pre-Juniors Section – Anchors – was added from the mid 1980’s to cater for five to seven year olds.

By the mid-1970s, the No. 2 Brisbane Btn had further grown and sub-divided, with the Companies east of the Pacific Motorway forming the John Oxley Battalion whilst those to the west (including the Gold Coast) remained as No. 2 Brisbane Battalion.  The two Battalions continued to engage Boys on the south side of the Brisbane River through competitions, camps and other inter-Company events.

As did all uniformed children's and youth organisations, BB struggled in the 1990s and early 2000s, closing more BB Companies than were opened.  In July 2010, the nine Companies of the No. 2 Brisbane and John Oxley Battalions merged back into a single Battalion to consolidate, adopting the appropriately descriptive name of South Moreton Battalion.  South Moreton Battalion Council today comprises some seventy Officers and two hundred and fifty Boys from all the BB Companies south of the Brisbane River, whether in Brisbane, Redlands, the Gold Coast, Logan or eastern Scenic Rim.  We are the home of great parks, rivers, lakes, southern Moreton Bay and some fantastic mountains.

Following a competition to design a Battalion crest, the model proudly appearing above was approved.  The winning entry came from Michael Richardson of 45th Brisbane Coy.

South Moreton Battalion have continued the time-honoured tradition of celebrating Founder’s Day on the last Sunday of October each year.  Indeed, just four months after amalgamation the Boys and Officers of South Moreton assembled at Wynnum Baptist Church for a parade and praise service.  Subsequent celebrations of God’s grace in providing BB have been held at St John’s Lutheran Church Eight Mile Plains, Greenslopes Baptist Church and Fairfield Christian Family.

Boys continue to enjoy competition with one another through swimming, soapbox derbies (billycart racing), Bible quizzes, creative interests, figure marching & drill, and team games.  Camping and outdoor adventure pursuits remain favourites, as do various physical activities.  Leadership development, skills development, discipleship and service to the community also add to the mix that makes membership in the BB so attractive and exciting.

The inaugural winner of the South Moreton Shield, in 2015, for the Company best contributing to the life of the Battalion was 45th Brisbane Coy.

More than fifty Christian churches in our region have benefitted from BB ministry over the years.  Click on the 'Companies' tab above to see where and when the Company closest to you meets.

Queen's Men

The following young men from Companies of South Moreton Btn have achieved the highest award obtainable in BB:

2010 - David Kells & Mike Richardson (45th Brisbane); Josh Goss (3rd Gold Coast); Evan Griffiths (4th Logan)

2011 - Tori Webb (17th Brisbane); Matt Alison & Andrew Rogers (18th Brisbane); Peter Brown (45th Brisbane); Jacob Carter (3rd Gold Coast); Alex Loch (4th Logan)

2012 - John Hopper (45th Brisbane)

2013 - Timothy Jell & Matthew Lynch (45th Brisbane); Taylor Love (3rd Gold Coast)

2014 - Joshua Gibson (1st Beenleigh); Nathanael Chapman (17th Brisbane); Jonathon Rogers (18th Brisbane); Jade Enright (3rd Gold Coast); Joshua Lowe & Joshua Pitman (4th Logan)

2015 - Matt Ott & Luke Paton (18th Brisbane); Mitchell Johnson, Henry Jones & Robert Vogt (45th Brisbane); Jak Love (3rd Gold Coast); Nathan Kenny (4th Logan)

2016 - Noah Trevor (18th Brisbane); Andrew Johnson (45th Brisbane); Matthew Feeney (4th Logan)