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About 1st Beauy

We are a ministry of Beaudesert Baptist Church, reaching out to the Scenic Rim community. We meet each Friday (during school terms) in the church halls at the corner of Eaglesfield & Anna Streets, Beaudesert, 5:30 to 7:30pm.   

Learn new skills, start fresh life-long interests, get involved in the community, develop your leadership potential, make new friends, earn badges to wear on your uniform.  Programme Officers are child safety and first aid trained, and undertake regular skills development.  We are recruiting new members now. 

One Old Boy, now a Pastor, recently said of his BB experience, "I look back on the leadership I learned during that time and realise how significant it was in God's growth and development in my life and my preparation for the ministry He would lead me to."  The Brigade method of youth development is fun, challenging & offers adventure.  And it works.

        Anchors (5-7 years)          Juniors (8-11 years)          and          Seniors (12-18 years)getstarted badge

For more info, contact the Company Captain, Stephen Stavrinou, on 0402 303 599 or at

Our sister Company, the 1st Beaudesert Girls’ Brigade, meets at the same time.  Contact  for details.



Company camp is over for another year.  We trust each Boy had a fantastic time.

Brigade is on each Friday evening, 5:30 to 7:30, of school terms.

The 'dungeon workshop' is taking shape.  Next task is to fill the shadow-board with tools.  

6th Awards Night - Friday 29th November 2019. 


Friday 2nd February first night back

25th April ANZAC Day Parade, Beaudesert

Sunday 27th October Battalion Founder's Day Celebration, Wynnum Baptist

Friday 29th November Awards Night

Fridays 6th December 2018 to 31st January 2020 Summer recess


 Membership fee:

As with every organisation, there are costs to be incurred to ensure that members are properly cared for.  Each BB Company will set their own membership fees, based on the activities they undertake, support they may obtain from their church, fund-raising ventures throughout the year, etc.  Together with our GB sister Company, membership fees for 2019 (which includes affiliation with our State & Federal bodies) has been set as low as practicable.  Some fund-raising during the year will ensure we can provide programme materials, equipment, badges and trophies.  

A discount is available for multi-child families if paying within the first three weeks of a term.  Fees may be paid by cash or cheque at the reception table of a Friday evening or direct deposited into the Company account.

In having set a membership fee, the Officers are all too aware of financial strains upon families from time to time.  Under no circumstances do we wish to see membership fees become a barrier to any Boy joining the BB.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding fees please do not hesitate to speak confidentially to the Captain.


All new members become eligible to wear the BB uniform appropriate to their age group after being enrolled, usually after attending for four weeks (we want to make sure each Boy really wants to join first).  Uniform may be ordered through the Company.  1st Beaudesert have adopted the classic uniform.  Approximate 2019 prices (subject to change) are:

     Anchors (cap with badge, polo shirt, socks) $60.00
     Juniors (cap with badge, polo shirt, socks) $60.00
     Seniors (cap with badge, shirt and tie, shoulder belt, waist belt) $100.00

On occasion, secondhand clothing items may be available from the Company at nominal rates.  

In addition to the above items, Boys are asked to source navy blue shorts (Anchors & Juniors) or long trousers (Seniors) and polishable black shoes from a clothing store.  Seniors should also source navy blue short socks.  

We ask that Boys wear their uniform correctly and smartly, and keep their uniform clean and in good condition.  Parents, please ensure all pieces of uniform are clearly labelled.


The cost of attending camps and other outings is additional to membership fees.  Camping fees are kept to the lowest possible and are always announced well before the event so that Boys can save.  It is possible to pay for camps by instalments in advance.  Talk to your programme leader.

Leadership development:

We endeavour to cover the full cost of leadership training and other training courses from fund-raising ventures.  Parents are always notified of these well in advance, but don't refrain from asking should you need to budget carefully.

Various fund-raising activities are being planned for throughout the year, proceeds of which will be divided between purchasing programme materials and equipment, meeting costs of leadership development and reducing the cost of membership to families. 


The majority of the following resources have been developed with the needs of 1st Beaudesert Company in mind, however, if you can use any of them for your Company then please do so.  Beware, our Captain copyrights everything: you are welcome to reproduce articles for the purpose of quotation, study or other non-commercial use.  A brief acknowledgement would be nice though.

Overview of awards available

Service to the Community Award training notes

Service to the Community Level 1 workbook

Service to the Community Level 2 workbook

positive character traits

a basic look at the Bible

BB Object jigsaw puzzle

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