Recognition of BB leaders

At the State Annual General Meeting in November, several BB Officers and leaders were recognised for their exemplary service to Boys and the Lord through The Boys’ Brigade.  Life Membership was bestowed upon Mr Don Smith, an Officer for 56 years who continues to serve in several major capacities locally and internationally.  Don mentors young leaders involved in staff responsibilities of the Leadership development courses and will be the Camp Director for the 19th Pan Australian Camp at Tamborine Mtn in January.  He is the only person to participate in every PAC.  Don has served as State President for a total of 14 years as well as in other capacities at State level.  He has served on the National executive, led international camp contingents and advanced Christ’s kingdom among Boys at every opportunity over a life time.  Well done, good and faithful servant.

Also honoured was Rod Hurman, OIC Juniors at 45th Brisbane Company and long-term President of South Moreton Battalion.  Captain of 46th Brisbane Company and President No.1 Brisbane Battalion, Noel Pinkerton, was recognised as Queensland Leader of the Year.  It is interesting to note that Noel has succeeded Rod as the event-co-ordinator of the State Soapbox Derby.  Lindon Pyle, an Officer in the 1st Ipswich Company was awarded Young Leader of the Year in recognition of his service on the Leadership team, taking up co-ordination of the Leadership Training Weekends and his Company work.  Daniel Garlick (3rd Pine Rivers) received the peer-reviewed Leadership Award of Excellence. 

Congratulations to each one.  We know that you do not serve in order to receive accolades such as these.  Nevertheless, it is appropriate to recognise and honour such exemplary service.  Scripture calls us to honour those who serve well even to “Let the elders who manage well be counted worthy of double honour …” (1st Timothy 5: 17).