2017 Up and Running

2017 is shaping up to have one of the best starts to a Brigade year in many years. PAC19, attended by almost 300 campers from Australia-wide, has come and gone right here in Queensland, at Tamborine Mtn. Stories of great times are already seeping out.

Saturday 28th January will see our State Board assembling for a full day retreat, to consider the year ahead and to spend some quiet time with our God.

Companies will be starting up over the next fortnight. Indeed, 1st Mount Isa has already held its initial meeting with a good number of Boys checking out what this BB is. Another new Company is holding its opening church parade on Sunday 30th January - 6th Ipswich Coy. So, to Mount Isa Baptist and Raceview Congregational churches, welcome to the BB family. It is great to see and welcome back more churches who have enjoyed BB ministry in the past.

2017 is a special year as we celebrate 100 years of BB ministry to Junior-aged Boys. When BB commenced it was for 12 to 17 year old Boys, who today we would call young men. But it was in the midst of The Great War (1914-1918), in 1917, that The Boy Reserves started for youngsters from the age of nine. Of course, Anchors has since been added to the BB family. So, 2017 is the centenary of BB ministry in churches to children as well as young people.