Kickstart 2017

Board members had a little chuckle last year when Jason Knight suggested grouping the beginning of the year events under the title, Kickstart 2017.  But that is exactly what happened on Saturday 18th February at Wynnum Baptist Church.  Some 100 leaders and Omegas got kick started into the year.  Of course, for many, PAC19 had already achieved that; but there is a time-honoured argument as to whether Pan Australian Camps start a new year or conclude the previous one.

Over 80 leaders, including several of our Life Members, once more ventured out for breakfast and were not disappointed with the spread that 18th Brisbane produced.  The Leaders’ Breakfast heard snap shots from Don Smith on PAC19 and Keith Young on BB History.  Carlisle Wyllie also shared the latest news on our exciting 96.5 Family Radio advertising campaign.

Twenty of our 26 Captains then set the day aside (or were represented by another Company Officer) in a Captains’ Conference, in which they discussed the latest legal and administrative requirements, upcoming events, and more.  They were also inspired as National International Affairs Director, Graham Robertson, shared his faith walk story and exciting synopsis of his 69 years of BB service across NSW, ACT and now QLD.

A healthy number of leaders undertook their Safe Environments refresher training (all leaders are obliged to do this at least every three years) under the National Operations Director, Barry Sims.  If you are needing to update your SE quals there will be opportunity at Connect 17 in May.  Alternatively, speak to your Battalion to arrange a date.

Nine new BB Officers are in the making following involvement in ILT Fast Track.  Fast Track allows Queen’s Men of the past two years the opportunity to move into a white shirt as Lieutenants, recognising their previous learning as Brigaders.

Several Omegas turned up for the afternoon as they undertook Queen’s Badge Info Sessions with State Operations Director, Anthony Campling.

Thank you to Training Director, Mike Richardson, for training sessions well put together.