State Chaplaincy team

A State Chaplaincy Team has been established to rejuvenate this vital role in BBQld with a well resourced chaplain working alongside captains, leaders and Boys in BB companies across the State.  Rod Adam, Chadwick Palmer, Terrie Seymour and Gordon Wallace will be making contact with companies in the next few weeks.  

The primary roles of the BBQld chaplain includes connecting with you and your team on a periodic basis as mutually beneficial, and praying for the specific issues, challenges, joys and achievements particular to your company and ministry within your local church.  

In today’s complex world the generations of Boys we work with in company are presented with challenges and stresses that mean the BB ministry is more vital than ever to build resilience and help them to find their identity in Christ and their place in the adult world as solid Christian men. Chaplaincy support is of growing importance generally in the community in lots of areas of life, schooling and industry. It is our prayer that BBQld chaplains will make a difference in the BB local ministry.