International Men's Day

International Men's Day 2017 is on Sunday 19th November.  IMD focusses on men's health (suicide rates are still far too high), improving gender relations, and celebrating men's achievements in the areas of marriage, family and community.  Male life expectancy is lower than women's.  Some 95% of workplace fatalities and 99% of combat deaths are men.  The following day is Universal Children's Day. 

More than 200 men volunteer their time and energy to mentoring Boys and young men through The Boys' Brigade Queensland.  Whether as a leader in a local Company, an event co-ordinator at regional or State level, or active in executive functions, each one is appreciated.  Thank you each one for your commitment and dedication to advancing Christ's Kingdom among Boys.   

If we each invited one more man to join us in this exciting ministry, think of the number of extra Boys we could help in faith development, leadership training, adventurous pursuits, meeting challenges, having fun, and building friendships.