Awards Nights

November is when BB Companies across Queensland hold their Awards Night / Display Night / Presentation Night / Annual Inspection (are there other titles for the big occasion?).  This is the occasion in which the Boys receive their very well deserved badges, certificates, prizes and trophies for the year.  Normally there are several parents, siblings, Old Boys, church folk, and others present to cheer the Boys on.  Super congratulations to those Boys who have won their Company's biggest award, be it Brigader of the Year or other name.  We rejoice with each Boy whose development and growth is recognised and rewarded with badges, certificates and the like.  And we thank God for each of the 200-plus volunteer Officers, leaders, instructors and helpers who make BB possible for Boys and young men.  To all, after your awards night and break-up, have a refreshing and safe holiday period as we celebrate Immanuel - God with us.